Gina Spitz, Ph.D.

Welcome to my website! Photo of Gina Spitz

In February 2016, I started working at Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Urban Research and Learning, where I participate in collaborative team-based community action research projects.

I received my PhD in Sociology in 2015 from the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s – the nation’s top-ranked Sociology department according to US News & World Report.

My dissertation research focus was on race relations, urban neighborhoods, and racial inequality – a research trajectory which I plan to continue in the future. Other research interests include:

  • Curriculum and academic climate in higher education, particularly with regard to diversity and inclusion;
  • Policy relevant research on what works to alleviate urban poverty and reduce urban inequality; and
  • How uses of public spaces in cities contribute to or disrupt racial and economic inequality.

For more about me and what I work on, please see the “About” page.